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Ten Miles Dead is a soundtrack for a fictitious movie in the Sons Of Anarchy / Renegade style. A gang of outlaws on motorcycles doing what they got to do…

Ten Miles Dead (Theme) (get a license)
The opening theme track that started it all

Ten Miles Dead (Fighting) (get a license)
Members of the gang are involved in a heavy fight.

Ten Miles Dead (Mourning the dead) (get a license)
A member of the gang got killed in the fight and now his friends mourn his death.

Ten Miles Dead (Happy and sexy) (get a license)
The widow falls in love with another member who has a strong sexual interest in her.

Ten Miles Dead (Train Robbery) (get a license)
The gang robs a train. Two members are on the train and pass bags with stolen goods off the train to the gang riding their bikes next to the train.

Ten Miles Dead (Stoned) (get a license)
After the robbery the gang gets high at their hideout.

Ten Miles Dead (Dramatic) (get a license)
Another biker gang silently rolls up and steals the loot from the stoned bikers.

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Credits (need some?)

Once Upon A Time In Venice (Bruce Willis, John Goodman)
Dead Trigger Trailer (Dolph Lundgren)
Singularity (John Cusack, Julian Schaffner)
Blunt Force Trauma Trailer (Mickey Rourke)
Pony With A Broken Wing (Charisma Carpenter, Tom Arnold)
A Good Man (Steven Seagal)
Ambushed (Dolph Lundgren)
Puncture Wounds / A Certain Justice (Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones)
Saving Christmas (Ed Asner, Tommy Dreamer)

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