Besides doing loads of production music I also have tons of songs available (on which I actually sing), all one-stop, of course, whaddayouthunk?

Here are just a few, all can be licensed one-stop !!!

Click here for Hair Metal or Christmas Songs

Sucker Punch (get a license)
Industrial Rock about wannabe celebrities. Male vocals.

Hot Summer (get a license)
EDM / Synthwave about Summer and beach parties. Male vocals.

Heaven Lies Here (get a license)
Intimate ballad about finding beauty in each other. Male vocals.

The Busy Man (Oh La La) (get a license)
Indie / Alternative Rock about handling too many affairs at a time. Male vocals.

Go Down With Style (get a license)
Indie / Alternative Rock about a self-absorbed but cool guy. Male vocals.

Break New Ground (get a license)
1960s British / psychedelic ballad about making love for the first time with a new partner. Male vocals.