Retro Action

Music that sounds like the 50s, 60s and 70s

Desperado Surf Club (get a license)
Very authentic Surf Rock Track with twangy lead guitars.

Sweet Sorrow (get a license)
Great 1960s Psychedelic Ballad with a bittersweet vibe.

Coupe Deville (get a license)
Cool-cruising Rockabilly track that’s full of swagger.

Psychotrip (get a license)
Uptempo hypnotic psychedelic rock with a 2/2 beat and a British touch.

Bo Groove (get a license)
Early 1950s Rock and Roll/Rhythm and Blues Track with that “Bo Diddley Groove”

Intruder Song (get a license)
Classic Rock with a gallop beat and psychedelic chords.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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