August 2019

New Tracks August 2019

Crime scene scores and PD Christmas songs. Couldn’t be more up to date, right?

Available as indicated.

Crime And Mystery (get a license) available exclusively
Dark and mysterious Hip Hop track with random accents.

Creep Up (get a license) available exclusively
Suspenseful cue with pizzicato synths, dark layers and a light climax.

Ghost Factory (get a license) available exclusively
Sci-Fi melodies meet a droning horror layer over increasing percussive elements.

Freaky Sneaky (get a license) available exclusively
Suspense Cue with with a slightly quirky undertone.

Silent Night Angel Rock (get a license) available non-exclusively
Indie Rock version of the PD Christmas song “Silent Night” with a soaring guitar solo.

Carol Of The Bells Angel (get a license) available non-exclusively
Powerful Heavy Metal version of the PD Christmas song “Carol Of The Bells” with an acoustic middle section.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Gypsy (get a license) available non-exclusively
A Gypsy Jazz version of the PD Christmas song “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” with a cool swing feel.

Please contact me if you have the guts to sign or license any of these tracks – or if you want to buy me a banana milkshake (both will be appreciated)

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