Hip Hop Action

Music for street gangs, urban life and gang fights…

Don’t Diss Me (get a license)
Dark slow Hip Hop with droning low synths and a beautiful melancholic piano hook.

Bust A Cap (get a license)
Laid-back dark Gangsta Rap track with sawing synths and an oriental melodic fill.

Belly Dancer (get a license)
Rap / Hip Hop Track with oriental sounds combined with distorted guitars and fat beats.

Dark Alley Cruise (get a license)
Authentic Gangsta Rap with low synth lines and dark chords.

Mouth Of The South (get a license)
Dirty South Rap track with a Hip Hop beat, Wah-Wah guitars, slide guitar and honky tonk piano.

Bumpin’ (get a license)
Shaky Hip Hop track with a jumping synth hookline played over soft synth pads.

Crime Alley (get a license)
Dark and menacing Hip Hop with sparse instrumentation, a great underscore for a crime in progress.

Cashing In (get a license)
Dramatic Gangsta Rap with a dark mood, powerful synth and string hits and siren-like synth drops.

Dangerous Turf (get a license)
A tough Hip Hop Beat with an addictice string melody / hookline, spacey synth and distorted guitar chords.

Coolin’ (get a license)
Laid-back dark Old-School Rap track with mellow synths.

Get Down (get a license)
1990s styled good-time European Hip Hop with a quirky organ.

Graffiti Beach (get a license)
Bouncy Hip Hop track with a tough beat and surf guitar fills.

Snake Shake (get a license) Industrial / Hip Hop / Rock Hybrid with hard hitting beats, pulsating synths and powerful guitars.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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