2022 Leftovers

Several random tracks, available exclusively and non-exclusively.

Angus Balls (get a license)
Driving Rock Riffs in the vein of that Australian band…


Desert Ride (get a license)
Dark Western track with twangy tremolo guitars, a driving drum beat and Moriccone styled brass parts.


Gunslinger Strut (get a license)
Swagger Rock with a pumping beat and cool slide guitars.


Climactic Challenge (get a license)
Rising tension with dramatic strings, hard-hitting percussion and a climax.


Game Changer (get a license)
Pulsating cue for game shows with a triumphant finale.


Alien Area (get a license)
Eerie Sci-Fi bed for documentaries.


Another Mourning (get a license)
True crime cue for “post murder” scenes. Features piano, vibraphone and strings.


Icy Strings (get a license)
True crime cue for “pre-murder” scenes. Features “icy” dissonant strings, high piano, low drones and a light climax.


Corporate Stock Drama (get a license)
Dramatic corporate music that emphasizes the nervousness at the stock exchange. Also cool as a news theme.


Hot In Mexico (get a license)
Hip Hop with a Latin flavor. Features brass.


Please contact me if you have the guts to sign or license any of these tracks – or if you want to buy me a banana milkshake (both will be appreciated) 

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