MAG5K is my Synthwave Project. Available in a way that allows me to release and sell these tracks as singles and albums.

FM Opening (get a license)
A relaxing Chillwave track with very lush synthesizers.

Showdown In Bangkok (get a license)
An empowering Synthwave track in the vein of 1980s martial arts movies.

Arcade Dancer (get a license)
A driving Synthwave track with catchy melodies.

Summer Night Drive (get a license)
Uptempo Synthwave track with very atmospheric synthesizers and empowering melodies.

Neon Tokyo (get a license
Midtempo Synthwave track with Eastern sounding hooklines.

Dreamwaves (get a license)
A very relaxing slow Dreamwave track with beautiful melodies.

Escape From Miami (get a license
The tougher side of Synthwave with a driving bass and a building intro that’s great for trailers.

Wildest Dream (get a license)
The ballad….


Please contact me if you have the guts to sign or license any of these tracks – or if you want to buy me a banana milkshake (both will be appreciated)

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