This is Julian Angel (well, his music. Some of it. You get it…)

SWAT Team Arrives (get a license)
Crime / Suspense / Action Cue

Aggressive Blast (get a license)
Mean Heavy Metal, brother…

Fly High (get a license)
Positive contemporary Rock

Murder Ave (get a license)
Urban Crime /Tension Cue

Holiday Real Estate (get a license)
Positive Latin Pop

Desert Ride (get a license)
Spaghetti Western Cue with twangy guitars and old-school brass


For demo and showcase purposes only. Okay, these are available non-exclusively. But you get it, I can make other stuff like this, exclusively – just for you.

Hook me up if you are interested: angel (@) or call +49 175 3770796.

Banana milkshakes preferred !!!

Hollywood movies with Bruce Willis, Jason Momoa, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke and others.
NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, WWE, UFC, The Voice, Counting Cars, Diesel Brothers, CBS, FOX, NBC, TLC, ABC, HBO, Bravo, Velocity, History Channel, BBC, Comedy Central, CW, Fuse…