Brothers and Sisters – please bang your head:

Superiority (get a license)
Massive Action Hybrid Industrial Rock with heavy accents that builds into a headbanging frenzy.

Violent Trailer (get a license)
This is f***ing hard pounding trailer music that builds up to a Heavy Metal piece with hard hittingĀ  percussive accents.
Use this for action trailers that include fighting, vehicles, machinery – and a little mystery.
Also really cool for Extreme Sports intros… You bet !!!

Combat Noize (get a license)
Bone-crushing mid-tempo Heavy Metal track with low-tuned guitars and hard-hitting drums.

Note: Why are you hearing that “preview” tag?
Well, some fellow musicians currently rip other musicians’ songs and upload them to cheap music libraries.

Please contact me here for licensing inquiries, mp3s and WAVs without the tag, feedback or if you want to send me a video of you banging your head with your fist in the air.