Racing Action

Music to crash cars to – and watch them race before…

Chaos (get a license)
Very fast and extreme industrial metal with double bass and various guitar riffs

Hard Drive (get a license)
Constantly driving uptempo rock

Full Effect (get a license)
Pumping industrial rock with various guitar riffs and semiquaver percussion

Vivid Racer (get a license)
Wild 70s rock with 2/2 snare hits and 80s styled guitar solo

Speedpunk (get a license)
Fast but friendly Punk Rock that underscores activity

Transvision (get a license)
Uptempo Nu Rock with a triplet feel and modern sound effects

Dragstrip Burnout (get a license)
Modern Retro Rock with wild leads

Fast Creatures (get a license)
Fast Classic Riff Rock with harmony guitars

Xtreme (get a license)
Industrial Techno Rock with stomping 4/4 kick drum and various guitar riffs

Mean Machines (get a license)
Driving Techno with a hard edge, synth hits, no guitars

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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