Motorcycle Action

Authentic music to ride bikes to

Biker Gang Arrives (get a license)
Tasty midtempo Classic Rock with a country vibe and bluesy lead guitar fills.

Riding Alone (get a license)
Very masculine midtempo triplet Blues Rock with cool guitar leads.

Cast Of Rebels (get a license)
Very tasteful laid-back Blues Rock track with cool blues licks and an overall mellow sound.

Company Of Bikers (get a license)
Driving Classic Rock with a triplet feel, cool guitar riffs and well-placed lead guitars.

Ten Miles Dead (get a license)
Slow and dark Rock track with tasteful guitars and a melancholic vibe.

Altamont Rebel (get a license)
Uptempo biker rock with psychedelic (almost latin) chords and a triplet feel. Very gritty!!!

Devil-May-Care (get a license)
Bold 1960s styled Classic Rock with bluesy guitars, harmonica and a pumping rhythm.

Reno Raines (get a license)
Slow and cool twangy Blues Rock with soaring lead guitars.

I Rode Mine (get a license)
Authentic Classic Rock with a shuffle beat and cool bluesy lead guitars. This is Biker Rock.

Bourbon Room Blues (get a license)
Very authentic and gritty Blues track that starts with an acoustic guitar solo, then in the second turn an electric guitar takes over the lead.

Roaring Pipes (get a license)
Very energetic uptempo Classic Rock with a triplet feel, great guitar riffs and cool guitar solos.

Cars With Muscles (get a license)
Straight Rock track with a steady drive, cool lead guitar fills and a Southern touch.

Chrome And Steel (get a license)
Uptempo Blues Rock with a Southern vibe and a shuffle / triplet beat.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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