Horror Action

Music to get the creeps and scream your heart out

Zombie Murder
Extreme Horror score gradually building towards a climax
Features prepared guitar, piano, dark layers, dissonant strings, kettle drums

Creeps And Goosebumps
Medium Horror score with long stalking phase, short climax and soft ending
Features prepared guitar, electric guitar, dramatic strings, percussion

The Stalker
Increasingly dramatic Horror score
Features prepared guitar, dark synths and human breathing

Panic Chase
Extensive Horror Score with long stalking phase that builds up to a dramatic chase
Features low cello, dark layers, prepared guitar, prepared piano, strings

Alone In The Rain
Dreamy, slightly increasing Horror score – the victim gets away
Features piano, dark layers, psycho strings and industrial percussion

Horror In The Sewer
Fast-paced Horror Score with dramatic stings
Features heartbeat-like kick drum, distorted bass, dark percussive sounds, strings

Calm After The Storm
Relaxed ‘after-attack’ Horror score
Features piano, dark synths, prepared guitar, faux heartbeat, glockenspiel

Narrow Escape
Horror score that builds up dramatically and has a long ending section
Features dark layers, prepared piano, backward sounds, strings, techno kick

Sneak About The Grave
Horror score that illustrates marching, sneaking
Features strange percussive sounds, dark layers, dramatic strings

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made scores welcome.