Happy Action

Music to enjoy life with and think of peace and love

Upbeat People (get a license)
Very sweet Indie Pop/Rock with beautiful guitar melodies, a light but driving drum beat and an overall positive vibe.

A New Hope (get a license)
Romantic Pop/Rock Ballad with a Country vibe, tasty guitars and atmospheric piano accents.

Summer Breeze (get a license)
Bouncy Latin Pop Reggae played on acoustic guitars.

My Day (get a license)
Bouncy Indie Rock/Pop track with a triplet feel. Features jangly clean guitars, acoustic guitar chords and a catchy lead guitar melody.

Bright Sunny Day (get a license)
Light Indie Pop with a few Folk undertones and very colorful open guitar chords.

Bye Hawaii (get a license)
Catchy Doo-Wop, 60s-styled beach song with ukulele leads and rhythms.

Folkie (get a license)
Very nice Indie Folk/Pop Track with a 3/4 beat. Features acoustic guitars, percussion, bass and hand claps.

Lucent (get a license)
Light indie pop with a strings-based riff and a twangy guitar melody.

Jolly Days (get a license)
Bouncy, shaky acoustic pop with acoustic and electric guitars and nice melodies.

Lakeview (get a license)
Dreamy all-acoustic pop/folk track with sweet melodies. No drums.

Aura Sweet (get a license)
Dreamy, rhythmical acoustic pop with sweet guitar melodies.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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