Fun & Sports Action

Music to become active with

Be My Punk (get a license)
Fast and catchy Punk Rock with a cool tom-tom beat

Activity Dude
(get a license)
Uptempo Surf-Pop with twangy guitars, moving bassline and scratches

Jump On In (get a license)
Bouncy Alternative Rock with a good-time feel

Kick Flip (get a license)
Poppy Punk Rock for kids

Surf And The Sand (get a license)
Fast Surf Rock with twangy guitars and driving bass drum in eight notes

Sporty Weirdo (get a license)
Active Modern Rock with quirky synth hookline and calm middle section

Half Pipe Hero (get a license)
Modern midtempo Skater Rock with wild tremolo guitars and hypnotic chords

Fighter’s Entrance Theme (get a license)
80s styled Rock with fanfares and marching drums

van Sporten (get a license)
Typical 1980s Sports Theme with keyboards and guitar melodies

Power & Glory (get a license)
Melodic and positive Speed Metal with harmonized lead melody

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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