Fun & Sports Action

Music for sports, award shows and outdoor activities

Lunch Box (get a license)
Hi-Energy Punk Rock with catchy guitars. Great for after-school activities and sports.

Achievement (get a license)
Light, driving Indie Pop with a very catchy and positive string hook.

Popsicle (get a license)
Catchy uptempo indie rock with many changes (forget boredom, right…)

Riot Girl (get a license)
Driving Riot Grrrl Indie Rock with a drum machine, distorted bass guitar riffs and quirky synthesizer melodies.

Dynamix (get a license)
Uptempo Surf-Pop with twangy guitars, moving bassline and scratches

The Champ (get a license)
Triumphant Rock Track with a marching beat and brass fanfares.

Driving Pop / R&B with lush Fender Rhodes, cool bass riff and a catchy brass section.

Hey, Hey (get a license)
Bouncy indie rock with a British vibe

Ballgame (get a license)
Very happy uptempo Pop-Rock with a light Punk vibe.

Double Wipeout (get a license)
Fast Surf Rock with twangy guitars and driving bass drum in eight notes

Sports Freak (get a license)
Active Modern Rock with quirky synth hookline and calm middle section

Top Dog Skater (get a license)
Modern midtempo Skater Rock with wild tremolo guitars and hypnotic chords

March Of The Winner (get a license)
80s styled Rock with fanfares and marching drums

Retro Sportscast (get a license)
Typical 1980s Sports Theme with keyboards and guitar melodies

Crazed And Dazed (get a license)
Uptempo Alternative Rock / Grunge Track with heavy guitars, bouncy drums and thrilling lead guitar fills.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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