Fighting Action

Music to punch faces to…

Metal Doctor (get a license)
Uptempo Heavy Metal in the vein of the big “M…” (and the other “M…” too)

Action Combat
(get a license)
Midtempo Industrial Rock/Metal with low-tuned riffs and screaming overtones

My Fist Your Face (get a license)
Uptempo 80s/90s Power Metal with rattling double bass drums and harmony guitars

Power Bomb (get a license)
Modern Industrial Rock entrance music for fighters (the tough ones)

Autobahn Angst (get a license)
Frightening Industrial music with hard guitar riffs and screeching synths

Aggressive Blast (get a license)
Driving mid-90s Heavy Metal with a triplet feel. As dry as a (crushed) bone

Brutal Fighter (get a license)
Another hard-hitting wrestling entrance theme (300 lbs and above)

Monster Crush (get a license)
Pulsating mid-tempo Rock with sawing synths and yet more cowbell

Counterpunch Me (get a license)
Sleazy mid-tempo Hard Rock, another good fit for fighting action

Disturber (get a license)
Groovy Nu Rock with syncopated guitar riffs

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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