City Action

Music for city life, busy-ness and fashion

Fashion Week (get a license)
Very fashionable uptempo Alternative Pop with striking piano riffs.

Funk Ya (get a license)
Funky music with a slamming groove and addictive tongue clicks

Shopping Rush (get a license)
Repetitive track with a steady beat, lots of percussion, guitars and a string hook.

After Work Lounge (get a license)
Modern lounge groove with jazz undertones, mellow piano leads, sax and guitar

Boogie With The Mob (get a license)
Uptempo Las Vegas styled boogie rock

Cadenza (get a license)
Catchy, melodic Indie Rock with both clean and distorted guitars. Very uplifting, sometimes quirky.

Dark Alley Cruise (get a license)
Authentic Gangsta Rap with low synth lines and dark chords.

Bedroom Strip (get a license)
Midtempo Chicago blues with a notorius stripper feel.

Metropolitan (get a license)
Euro Dance Pop Track with spheric synth pads, piano, bass and percussion.

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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