Showcase Feb 2021

Some cool Heavy Rock. Some dramatic stuff. Some catchy Sports Music. Some menacing Hip Hop. Here you go…

Bold And Brazen (get a license)
Heavy in-your-face Rock – the way it’s meant to be.

Rebel Junk (get a license)
Modern Swagger Rock with loads of attitude – and yes, swagger too…

Fight To Win (get a license)
Epic Strings with pouding percussion – extremely motivational. Go get it, Champ!

Drama Queenz (get a license)
Slamming Hip Hop beats and epic drama strings – fighting over that bachelor dude?

Athletic (get a license)
A modern Pop Track with a driving beat that’s a great fit for aerobics, track and field and workouts.

Lunch Box (get a license)
Energetic and very catchy good-time Pop-Punk.

Popsicle (get a license)
Super catchy high-energy Pop-Rock, great for after-school games and sports.

Don’t Diss Me (get a license)
Dark Hip Hop with an addictive piano melody and sawing synthesizers.

Ruff Hood (get a license)
Very modern Hip Hop with a dark vibe and incentive piano melodies.

No Holds Barred (get a license)
Powerful Hip Hop spiced up with cool rock guitars. A great track for fighting scenes and martial arts.


Please contact me if you have the guts to sign or license any of these tracks – or if you want to buy me a banana milkshake (both will be appreciated)

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