July 2019

New Tracks July 2019

Available exclusively except where indicated

Sunseeker (get a license) non-ex only
Hi-Energy guitar virtuoso track with a driving beat, tasty lead guitar melodies and wild shredding

Biker Joint (get a license)
Cool-down midtempo Blues Rock with a relaxed groove and cool guitar riff work

Warehouse Deal (get a license) non-ex only
Dark Suspense Cue played on synthesizers featuring a tense pulse bass, heavy lead synth, wood blocks and well-placed Tom-Hits

Daybreak Stakeout (get a license) non-ex only
Suspense Cue with synthesized sounds that builds towards a chase section with dramatic percussion and chromatic strings

Are You Swagger (get a license) no longer available
Edgy piece of Swagger Rock drenched with attitude

Country Lane (get a license)
Dreamy acoustic Folk / Pop / Country track with acoustic guitars, sweet lead melodies and light percussion

Sucker For The 80s (get a license) non-ex only
Very 80s-sounding Synthwave / Hip Hop track with a cool constant beat and an atmospheric lead synth

Please contact me if you have the guts to sign or license any of these tracks – or if you want to buy me a banana milkshake (both will be appreciated) 

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