Three good audio reasons why I want to be your rock guy…

Action Combat
(Music to punch faces to)
Midtempo Industrial Rock/Metal with low-tuned riffs and screaming overtones

Jump For Life
(Hi-Energy – fun, fun, fun)
Catchy uptempo indie rock for sports, games and kids in full action

Surfing Guns
(From the Bruce Willis movie “Once Upon A Time In Venice”)
Sixties Surf Rock with a twangy tremolo-picked lead guitar.
Combines rock and roll with latin melodies. Oh yeah!!!

Credits (excerpt):
Once Upon A Time In Venice (Bruce Willis), A Good Man (Steven Seagal), Blunt Force Trauma (Mickey Rourke – Trailer), A Certain Justice (Dolph Lundgren), FOX Sports, CBS, TLC, HBO, The History Channel…

Exclusive Tracks:
Yes, I can do an album full of exclusive tracks. Done it before, will do it again.

I have some 100+ non-exclusive tracks available.

Give me 5 hours for a new 2-minute instrumental rock track that will rip the flesh off your face.

Why me:
Authentic Hard & Heavy Music needs dirt – and my fingers are full of it (my mind too). Besides, I can tell the difference between Metallica and Megadeth. I don’t play plastic music. Cliff Gallup was the first guitar hero. I’m addicted to iced-coffee.


Oh yeah, I’ve got the looks too 🙂