Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of musical wealth and taste…

Superiority (get a license)
Massive Action Hybrid Industrial Rock with heavy accents that builds into a headbanging frenzy.

Combat Noize (get a license)
Bone-crushing mid-tempo Heavy Metal track with low-tuned guitars and hard-hitting drums.

Lunch Box (get a license)
Hi-Energy Punk Rock with catchy guitars. Great for after-school activities and sports.

Surfing Guns
(From the Bruce Willis movie “Once Upon A Time In Venice”)
Sixties Surf Rock with a twangy tremolo-picked lead guitar.
Combines rock and roll with latin melodies. Oh yeah!!!

Driving Pop / R&B with lush Fender Rhodes, cool bass riff and a catchy brass section.

Ten Miles Dead
Cool and slow Biker Rock loaded with attitude and twangy blues guitars.

Pimp ‘n Da House
Gangsta Rap with dark, low synths.

Upbeat Indie Pop / Rock with electronic drums, guitars and a very catchy hookline featuring violins and other strings.

Very nice Indie Folk with a 3/4 beat, nice acoustic guitars and a positive vibe.

Biker Gang Arrives
Very smooth and bluesy Biker Rock when Renegade was still on TV…

Credits (excerpt):
Once Upon A Time In Venice (Bruce Willis), A Good Man (Steven Seagal), Blunt Force Trauma (Mickey Rourke – Trailer), Singularity (John Cusack), A Certain Justice (Dolph Lundgren), Dead Trigger (Dolph Lundgren – Trailer), FOX Sports, CBS, TLC, HBO, The History Channel, Netflix, Animal Planet, Bravo, Velocity, BBC…

Exclusive Tracks:
Yes, I can do an album full of exclusive tracks. Done it before, will do it again.

I have some 100+ non-exclusive tracks available.

Give me 5 hours for a new 2-minute instrumental rock track that will rip the flesh off your face.

Why me:
Authentic Hard & Heavy Music needs dirt – and my fingers are full of it (my mind too). Besides, I can tell the difference between Metallica and Megadeth. I don’t play plastic music. Cliff Gallup was the first guitar hero. I’m addicted to iced-coffee. And I can play soft music too, you just herd it, right?


Oh yeah, I’ve got the looks too 🙂