Hip Hop Action

Music for street gangs, urban life and gang fights…

East L.A. (get a license)
Dark gangsta rap with sawing synths and oriental shakuhashi lick

Pharaoh’s Rap (get a license)
Modern hip hop with egyptian hooks and fills

Money On The Curb (get a license)
Street rap with powerful synth-brass hook, dissonant sirens and funky guitar middle section

Shake That Booty (get a license)
Bouncy hip hop with jumpy synth riff, chilly pads and short double-time part

Yo Ladiez (get a license)
Driving hip hop groove with rock guitars and string hookline

Pimp `n Da House (get a license)
Dark old-school hip hop

Old Skool Cuts (get a license)
Old school rap beat with various scratches and DJ samples (pre-cleared)

Dark Hangout (get a license)
Dark and chilly hip hop with minimal instrumentation and old school bassline

Concrete Surfer (get a license)
Modern hip hop with surf guitar licks and string hits

Rapin’ The 90s (get a license)
1990s styled pop rap with a quirky organ and a good-time feel

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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