Heavy Metal Action

Authentic music to bang your head to – and to underscore action with

Cruel Fuel Metal
Fast driving Heavy Metal with screeching speed-picked lead guitars.

Roadkill (get a license)
Powerful heavy metal with a strong drive and blast beat middle section

Beast Of Berlin (get a license)
Dark stomping industrial metal with a hypnotic synth melody

Master Faster (get a license)
Very fast and aggressive 1980s styled heavy metal with various guitar riffs

Metalmaniac (get a license)
Modern heavy metal with double bass and low guitars

Deep Inc (get a license)
Melancholic Scandinavian melodic metal with harmony guitars

Son Of Shocker (get a license)
Classic 1980s styled hair metal riffs with exotic guitar leads

KornFly (get a license)
Midtempo modern rock with low-tuned guitars and dissonant chords

Madman (get a license)
Traditional late 70s heavy metal with a clumsy beat

One For The Knockout (get a license)
Modern heavy wrestling entrance music

Nitro (get a license)
Fast heavy metal riffs with virtuoso guitar shredding

Sixty Nine One One (get a license)
Modern midtempo rap rock with a nu metal edge and slap bass middle section

Exotic Metal (get a license)
Midtempo heavy metal with egyptian melodies and faux sitar

Behemoth (get a license)
Very ponderous (doom) metal riffs with low-tuned guitars

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

Special requests for custom-made music welcome.

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