Classic & Biker

Classic Rock / Biker Rock with an attitude…

Roaring Pipes (get a license)
Uptempo Classic Rock with a triplet feel and cool guitar riffs.

Riding Alone (get a license)
Heavy midtempo blues rock for biker bar scenes, brawls and pole dancing.
Very, very masculine.

Altamont Rebel (
get a license)
Uptempo biker rock with psychedelic (almost latin) chords and a triplet feel. Very gritty!!!
Retro sound… No f***ing overdubs !!!

Road Gypsy (
get a license)
Driving classic rock with a twangy guitar riff and loads of attitude.

57 Chevy (get a license)
Cool-cruising Rockabilly track full of swagger.

Violent Trailer I
Hard Rock Trailer Music with hard-hitting toms and heavy guitars that keeps building towards a breakdown section before turning into a heavy finale.

Credits (excerpt):
Once Upon A Time In Venice (Bruce Willis), A Good Man (Steven Seagal), Blunt Force Trauma (Mickey Rourke – Trailer), A Certain Justice (Dolph Lundgren), FOX Sports, CBS, TLC, HBO, The History Channel, BBC, Fuse, Animal Planet, American Express Publishing…

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