Julian Angel plays Heavy Rock

Violent Trailer (get a license)
Building Trailer Music with heavy tom hits, double bass drums and loud guitars

Scream It Til You Mean It (get a license)
Nasty Industrial Metal Track with a few Dubstep elements

Lawless (get a license)
Building Action Score with heartbeat like synths, percussion, heavy guitars and strings

Eat That Beat (get a license)
Wrestling Music with a slamming groove, heavy guitars and tasty licks

Rock Your Wheels (get a license)
Modern Retro Rock with a pounding midtempo drum beat and fuzzy guitars

Desert Cruise (get a license)
Tasty midtempo Classic Rock with a country vibe. Thee kind of track for Bikers

Biker’s Funeral (get a license)
Slow Dark Country / Dark Blues track with a sad and haunting vibe

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Credits (need some?)

Once Upon A Time In Venice (Bruce Willis, John Goodman)
Singularity (John Cusack, Julian Schaffner)
Blunt Force Trauma Trailer (Mickey Rourke)
Pony With A Broken Wing (Charisma Carpenter, Tom Arnold)
A Good Man (Steven Seagal)
Ambushed (Dolph Lundgren)
Puncture Wounds / A Certain Justice (Dolph Lundgren, Vinnie Jones)
Saving Christmas (Ed Asner, Tommy Dreamer)

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