New 2017

New music for films, TV and commercials (yeah, games too)

>>  High Energy Happy-Go-Lucky Tracks:

Jump For Life (get a license)
Catchy uptempo indie rock for sports, games and kids in full action

Like That (get a license)
The same energetic beat with a more basic indie vibe

Song X (get a license)
High-Energy grunge rock with a bouncy beat

>>  Dirty & Mean Biker Rock

Altamont Rebel (get a license)
Uptempo biker rock with psychedelic (almost latin) chords and a triplet feel. Very gritty!!!
No f***ing overdubs !!!

Riding Alone (get a license)
Heavy midtempo blues rock for biker bar scenes, brawls and pole dancing.
Very, very masculine.

Road Gypsy (
get a license)
Driving classic rock with a twangy guitar riff and loads of attitude.

>>  Songs with vocals (quite retro this time):

Break New Ground (get a license)
Intimate 1960s psychedelic/beat ballad about making love for the first time
(not generally the first time, but the first time with a new loved-one, okay…)

Ride With Me
(get a license)
1950s Rockabilly/Surf Rock, great for cruising, surfing and custom cars at drive-inns.

>>  Awesome Hard Rock / Metal (if I dare say so…):

Cruel Fuel Metal (get a license)
Heavy Metal for racing scenes, naked skydivers, chases and crashes.

Stock Car Nerd
(get a license)
The “family-friendly” version of the above with nice lead guitar melodies.

Deadly Punch (get a license)
Midtempo Nu Metal entrance music for wrestlers, brutal fighters and bad guys.

Roaring Pipes (get a license)
Bikers will love this uptempo shuffled blues rock. What about you?

Spicy Race (get a license)
Headbanger music for all kinds of action scenes. Wow, that guitar is wild…

Licenses available for Film, TV, Games and Commercials.

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